"gain a clarity around your strengths and opportunities to move forward."


For many people, making a change can be difficult. Finding clarity around what changes are required, the motivation to start the change and the commitment to work through the many barriers that might arise can be extremely difficult.

The difficulty is often driven by our emotions that sometimes help, though can often hinder, our ability to make a change. Yet change is a part of most of our lives. As adults we are often in various stages of transformation, such as a career transition, developing a start-up or growing a business, or balancing multiple demands like study and work.

Working one to one, the mentoring program will be curated to meet your individual needs. By definition, mentoring involves working over a longer timeframe, so this is the best fit for you if you are looking at working together for a minimum of six months.

Using a range of strategies, a framework will be developed that will enable you to gain a clarity around your strengths and opportunities to move forward. You will be challenged to critically reflect on your actions (and inactions) and supported to discover a different way of making choices. Mentoring will cultivate an opportunity for you to improve your ability to achieve your goals.

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