"Through critical reflection, you will develop a deeper understanding about challenges you face..."


Supervision is an essential investment in your professional practice and wellbeing. Supervision is the practice of taking time to stop and consider how you are working, with the intention of identifying ways in which you could make improvements to your professional practice.  

Across all industries, engaging and maintaining effective working relationships with clients, colleagues, and community relies on a combination of advanced interpersonal skills and industry expertise. At times, you may be left feeling stressed, exhausted, frustrated, or even burned out. Making decisions in this mindset is problematic as most people don’t have the clarity needed to make sound decisions. The knock-on effects can lead to reduction in performance, job satisfaction, quality of relationships in and outside of work, and can eventually have a negative impact on the culture of your workplace.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience in delivering supervision, I can work with you individually or in a workplace group. Supervision sessions are co-designed with you to focus on important areas of your personal development and professional practice through a process of critical reflection. Through critical reflection, you will develop a deeper understanding about challenges you face and I will support you to manage these challenges more effectively.

I incorporate strategies that seek to engage, support, sustain and challenge you to work through issues that influence how you work and relate to others.  I work in partnership with you to develop a plan to effectively manage your work, reduce your stress and risk of burn out.  

Supervision is conducted in person - individually or in groups, by phone or technology platforms, such as Zoom. 

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