"respond to challenges and optimise the leadership you deliver"


Meeting the diverse needs of team members and senior managers can be challenging. In addition to responding to business demands, navigating complex working relationships leaves many people feeling frustrated and uncertain about how best to handle situations that frequently arise in our working lives.

The coaching strategies I use are based on an individualised plan that is customised to identify your strengths and work on your opportunities that need a little (or a lot) of attention. The plan will be designed in partnership with you to build your capacity and strengthen your ability to respond to challenges and optimise the leadership you deliver. My coaching style draws on a pragmatic approach to leadership. Outcomes are focused on skill acquisition to equip you to lead teams or engage with clients in an effective and sustainable way.

I have worked with many leaders on skill development around having difficult conversations, cultivating trust within teams and organisations, and engaging clients and keeping them engaged with your service.

Leadership coaching is generally delivered monthly, though can be offered with increased frequency where required. Coaching is available in a program of 3 monthly and 6 monthly sessions. Extension programs and progress reviews (single sessions) are also available.

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