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To give you a sense of who I am and what underpins my consultancy practice, I share these three values as an insight into what drives my decisions and professional practices.  



Since I was an adolescent, all my efforts have been driven by a desire for achievement. My strong vision and ambitious goal-setting has led to many exciting opportunities, and my results have formed some of the most significant milestones of my life.


My interest in leadership was sparked in high school. I was allocated a group of year 7 students and tasked with supporting them through their transition into high school. I immersed myself in this work. I diligently prepared material for the groups and watched these 12-year-olds engage with me and the support I offered them in a new and meaningful way. I was rewarded for my efforts when the school principal recognised my “outstanding” leadership skills.


What made this recognition even more pivotal for me was that two years prior, a teacher had described me as “an average student”. I distinctly remember telling my Mum “I don’t want to be average, I want to be outstanding”. Since then, I have reached high and accomplished many and varied achievements.


According to the Oxford Dictionary, integrity means “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. As a qualified Social Worker, I have a professional obligation to operate within the values of the Australian Association of Social Workers. I place great emphasis on applying integrity across all aspects of my life. I am not afraid to speak out against behaviour or systems that prevent people from being their best, but I do this with kindness. Undoubtedly, at times you will feel challenged by my approach – just know that such disruptions can lead to significant growth and improvement. I place great emphasis on forming a partnership with clients that involves finding moments of lightness and humour. You won’t need to send a search party to find my personality. My consultancy services are designed to help you get the best result possible from our collaboration.


I am committed to continuous learning, which has resulted in the creation of an extensive knowledge bank that I apply to my practice and share with clients. My approach is evidence-based which ensures I am sharing knowledge that is informed, considered and supported by data (both quantitative and qualitative). Behind the scenes, I will be extensively researching to ensure the quality of my consultation services is up-to-date and relevant to your goals.  


My determination and commitment to supporting my clients through their own development and transitions is unwavering. Enabling a leader to reach their full potential, leading systems improvement projects, or designing and delivering capacity building to individuals or teams; each of these scenarios allows me to work honestly from my values and create opportunities, and be the catalyst for change you have been looking for.

Working with me will give you a chance to work in ways that align with your own values. If you are curious to see what we could achieve together, contact me directly by email or click the button below.

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