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"Scoping and managing projects is an area of practice that makes my heart sing."


Projects involve working on a larger and more complex issue. Scoping and managing projects is an area of my practice that make my heart sing.


The skills and knowledge I gathered through completing a doctoral thesis come into play here as I use a critical eye and drive to work efficiently when delivering a co-designed project for a business.


This is the most in-depth consultancy service I provide, as I manage the full scope of the project myself.

Below I have provided detail on three different types of projects I have managed to help you understand the scope of my skills and experience. It will also help you get clearer about what you are looking for in your business.  

Policy and
Procedural Guidance

I have been commissioned by a range of organisations to develop policy and procedural guidance to safeguard children. Some examples of commissioning organisations include government-operated health organisations, non-government human service organisations and not-for-profit businesses. These projects involved reviewing the current frameworks and legislation, existing practice guidance, stakeholder engagement, gap analysis, compliance requirements and delivering the policy product within project timeframes.


The scope of this project was to realign existing practices of supervision within a non-government, human services organisation to a supervision model based on the principles of critical reflection. The project included a series of skill-based workshops for the clinical leadership team and a single one-day session for supervisees delivered across the state-wide organisation. The project was evaluated by participants, providing the executive team with quantitative and qualitative data on the efficacy of the project and important next steps to continue building the workforce capacity.

Leadership Coaching

Commissioned by a corporate business, I designed and delivered a customised leadership coaching program for a group of experienced managers. Content was co-designed with participants to align learning objectives with practice challenges. Examples included effective communication strategies, management of performance and responding to conflict. Using a capacity building approach, the coaching program aimed to improve the skills, knowledge, and abilities of participants. Rather than delivering a traditional training approach, participants were required to actively participate in group discussions and reflect on their strengths and opportunities for professional growth. Ultimately, participants were required to apply knowledge to existing challenges, change their mindset and behaviour, and take action by implementing a change within their team.

The leadership program was positively evaluated across the measures of engagement and retention of participants. The leadership survey also documented improvements in confidence across key leadership tasks. Furthermore, participants appraised the coaching program positively, both in terms of content and facilitation.

Subject Matter

I have subject matter expertise in leadership, group work, project management (design, implementation and evaluation), systems improvements, safeguarding children, clinical supervision, systems improvements, and research.


All these fields have contributed to my ability to develop trust in relationships, exceptional communications skills and most importantly my ability to not only listen, but to really understand what my clients are telling me and propose a plan to meet their needs.

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